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Help Keep Patients Healthier Through Value-Based Care

Join the WellMed Commercial Clinically Integrated Network, Part of OptumCare Physicians Alliance

WellMed is inviting you to join the WellMed Commercial Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), part of OptumCare Physicians Alliance. The WellMed Commercial CIN now offers you the ability to extend the nationally recognized* WellMed Model of Care to commercial patients.

Why Join the WellMed Commercial CIN?

At WellMed, we’ve been practicing value-based care since 1990. It’s a model that was founded by a physician to do one thing: Help keep older adults healthier and feeling their best. Over the years, we’ve implemented the model to make it work for the commercial population, too.

WellMed already serves more than 250,000 commercial patients in Texas and Florida, and OptumCare serves a multi-generational population of more than 14 million patients. Now we’re offering our quality providers an opportunity to help make your community healthier.

By joining the WellMed Commercial CIN, you will have support from one of the largest regional networks of independent health care professionals, providing industry-leading tools and resources to help physicians keep their patients healthier through value-based care.

You’ll have support from trusted and vetted specialists, ambulatory care centers and more. As you’ve come to expect, we’re offering the same support and resources to help you compete in today’s ever-evolving health care economy.

Our Goal

Simply put, our goal is to execute the Quadruple Aim:

  • Improve our patients’ experience through continuous engagement, education and advocacy
  • Improve the health of our patients through proactive wellness and preventive medicine programs
  • Reduce the total cost of care for our patients by eliminating unnecessary services and ensuring quality health care at the right time, the right place and by the right provider
  • Enjoy and take pride in the care of our patients and the impact we are making throughout the health care community

Helping You Grow

  • Maintain Independence — By joining the WellMed Commercial CIN your practice remains independent. The WellMed Commercial CIN is an alliance of like-minded care providers who all believe in the power of prevention to help keep patients healthy by providing the right care, at the right place and at the right time.
  • Education and Peer Collaboration — You’ll receive ongoing continuing education and evidence-based medicine training to keep you connected to medical advances, best practices and industry trends. You’ll have a network of more than 39,000 high quality providers to network with and coordinate exceptional care for your patients.
  • Financial Rewards — Our entire model is built upon rewarding physicians for keeping patients healthy while lowering overall health costs. Since 1990, we have proven our ability to help physicians embark and stay on a journey of value-based care for their patients.
  • Tools and Resources — We use our proprietary risk-stratification platform, provider tools, education and support staff to give you everything you need to compete in today’s health care economy.

If you would like to learn about our Clinically Integrated Networks, please share your info at this link: Contact Request (Opens in new window). We will contact you per your preference.

About Us


OptumCare is a family of more than 39,000 physicians working together in over 1,200 local clinics to help more than 14 million people live their healthiest lives. Our aim is to get patients on the right course of care by providing each a coordinated OptumCare team. We back our doctors with easy access to a national knowledge network of the latest best practices, breakthroughs and proven treatment plans. As important, we define our success by the health and happiness of our patients. It’s how we’re helping people live healthier lives and helping to make a health system that works better for everyone. Optum is committed to making the health care system work better for everyone.


WellMed is a health care delivery company that is a leader in keeping Medicare-eligible people healthier. WellMed is made up of a network of more than 18,000 staff and contracted primary care physicians, hospitalists, specialists and advanced practice clinicians who excel in caring for more than 640,000 patients across Texas and Florida. Most patients are eligible for Medicare. We have remained true to our core values as a physician-led enterprise that remains committed to the doctor-patient relationship. The growing company’s mission is to change the face of health care delivery for the nation.