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Our Mission is to change the face of health care delivery for the nation.

Our Purpose is to help our patients live healthier, longer lives.




WellMed is a physician led and patient centric organization. This means our providers in clinic are well-supported by well-trained staff and support personnel with the common goal to improve our patients’ lives.

Our clinical support teams include:

  • NP/PA
  • Medical Assistants (front desk, phlebotomy and radiology tech support)
  • Nurse Educators (LVN and/or RN)
  • Referral and Office Managers
  • Cases Managers
  • Nurse Advice Line
  • Centralized Scheduling
  • Scribe support and/or dictation software



Together patients receive better care.

At WellMed we are passionate about improving the health of our patients. We recognize that we are better together and collaboration is the key to healthier patients and an invigorating work environment.


Work-Life Balance

Physician, heal thyself!

Our providers are the absolute best in caring for our patients. We believe that our providers must also have time to care for themselves and their families. The WellMed Care Model ensures that you have the clinical, administrative and technical support that you need to be highly efficient and focused on providing quality care. This also means that you will have the time to be there for your family and enjoy the opportunities your community has to offer. The strength of WellMed is based upon the quality of our team and our support of each other. With a provider retention rate over 96%, we think we’re doing something right.

Our History

Our history can define your future.

George M. Rapier III, MD, founded WellMed in 1990 as a single clinic in the Medical Center area of San Antonio, Texas. His idea was simple: deliver proactive, preventive care and build strong relationships with his senior patients. He believed that if he could keep his patients healthy instead of responding to symptoms after they become ill, then he could positively affect their quality of life and prevent complications and lengthy hospital stays.

In 2011, WellMed partnered with OptumCare, one of the nation’s largest health and wellness companies, to further expand our highly successful health care model in new and existing markets. This relationship has enhanced patient care through data analytics, technology and support personnel. This translates into our providers having more time to interact with each patient because we provide them with the coordinated support that they deserve.

Today, WellMed is an employed and contracted network of 18,000 primary care physicians, hospitalists, specialists and advanced practice clinicians who excel in caring for 850,000+ adults across Texas and Florida. We have remained true to our core values as a physician-led medical group that remains committed to the doctor-patient relationship. We invite you to grow with us and focus on what you worked so hard to become…a doctor.

Physician-owned, Patient-centered

Our business model is physician-centric and primary care-driven. We focus on high value care and preventive care, succeeding in reducing duplicative costs and improving the health of our patients. WellMed was an early proponent of the Medical Home model and has refined it to become an industry leader. The WellMed Care Model is designed to provide the most efficient, comprehensive and proven care techniques to treat the whole patient—physically, mentally and socially—both inside and outside of the clinic.

Most of our patients are Medicare-eligible older adults and we care for them through traditional (fee for service) Medicare or Medicare Advantage insurance plans. With Medicare Advantage (also known as Medicare Part C), we are responsible for all aspects of our patients’ health and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reimburses us based upon our patients’ co-morbidities (Risk Adjustment Program) and the quality of our care (screening, preventative, and outcomes). Our successes are a result of providing our patients the care they need from doctors who care about them.

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